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Pb7 Research offers a range of services that is focused on bringing ICT vendors and business customers closer together. Our services help you align sales & marketing with the customer buying process, make better informed decisions, and engage effectively with potential customers. 

Figure: Buying Process and Vendor To-do's

These services include:

Market Opportunity Analysis
Help you understand where to invest, where to focus your resources and how to align with customer demand
Find out how to maintain a loyal and happy customer base and spot the opportunities for cross- and upselling

Competitive Analysis

Help you (re)gain share by understanding your position compared to competitors and identifying how that can be improved

Market Segmentation

Helping you understand and improve your alignment with vertical and horizontal oportunities based on detailed market segmentation modelling 

Content and Collateral

Helping you engage with the customer with fact based content at the right moment, with the highest impact

Pb7 further provides services to technology users for making well-informed technology decisions. Project examples include custom benchmarking and technology vendor and product comparisons.